Buying a Badminton Racquet

Points to consider when buying a badminton racquet …

~ from the desk of Minton Wing, Head Coach, EJBC ~

  • Racquet technology is very advanced so choose an all graphite racquet.  Price range … $40 – $60
  • Select a racquet where the head feels slightly heavy.  This will help develop a good stroke because the player can subconsciously feel the weight and know where the racquet head is throughout the stroke.  Total weight … approx 90 – 94 grams.  A racquet that is too light will put strain on young joints.
  • The grip size is important.  When the player grips the racquet there should be a small gap (5 – 6 mm) between the tip of the third finger and the pad of the thumb.
  • The racquet should have some flex in the shaft.  A young player cannot control a stiff shaft racquet.
  • Let the player hold the racquet and test it for balance and feel.  All racquets have a balance point that affects the way it feels.  The player will choose the racquet that feels right to them (this inspires confidence) but also keep in mind the above characteristics.

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